UConn Health Summer Research Fellowship Program

This is a yearly summer research experiences for undergraduates run by the Department of Health Career Opportunity Programs at UConn Health through the Aetna Health Professions Partnership Initiative (Aetna HPPI). We will merge the REU activities with those of the Department of Health Career Opportunity’s Summer Research Fellowship Program, a 10-week research enrichment experience for college juniors, seniors and recent graduates. Every summer, we will receive one student from this program and incorporate her/him into the research and career development activities we coordinate through the REU program.

Vera-Licona’s Research Group Involvement

Dr. Vera-Licona also has worked as mentor on the following projects:

Summer 2016

Project Title: A Systems Biology Approach to Reconstruct the Signal Transduction Networks to Reveal Mechanisms of CD8+ T Cells Differentiation Post-Infection

Student: Mark Nwokocha (The University of Texas at Dallas)