Model Your Genes the Mathematical Way II

Project Title

Big Genomic Data Skills Training for Professors (CT)

Program Location

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT 06032

Program Background

Under the collaborative effort of the Biocomplexity Institute (then Virginia Bioinformatics Institute) and the Institute of Advanced Learning and Research, we organized a mathematical biology workshop for secondary school teachers of the Danville area in Virginia, USA. The goal of the workshop was to enable teams of teachers with biology and mathematics expertise to incorporate lesson plans in mathematical modeling into the curriculum. The biological focus of the activities is the lac operon in E coli. The modeling approach utilizes Boolean networks and tools from discrete mathematics for model simulation and analysis.

Vera-Licona’s Research Group Involvement

Dr. Vera-Licona was the co-director and instructor of this Mathematical Biology workshop for highschool teachers.


The materials of the workshop can be downloaded here